Monday, June 18, 2012

Easy Homemade Band Instruments

Even if you do not own a piano or another type of musical instrument, you may make yourself a variety of simple and fun band instruments. Crafting your own personal instruments can be quite a fun activity for youngsters hunting for a way to spend a lazy afternoon. As a matter of fact, adults might have as much fun as children once they make and play their own unique instruments. Should you have a large group of children or adults, you will be able to make your own impromptu band, and this can be a lot of fun. If so, be sure to take a good amount of photos of your band in action, as these photos could be a great deal of fun to showcase in collage picture frames. Below are a few fun, inexpensive, and simple ways to help you to get going on your homemade instruments.

Coffee Can Maracas

Should you want to make a maraca out of a coffee can, the thing you need is a metal coffee can, some popcorn kernels, a roll of tape, and decorations if you wish. All that you need to do is take off the plastic lid from an empty and clean can and put in a small amount of popcorn or dried beans. Place the lid back on the can and tape it securely on. Then decorate the can with construction paper or other embellishments if desired. To try out your homemade maracas, simply shake the can.

Tambourines from Pie Pans

Tambourines can be a lot of fun to play, no matter what age you are. To produce a great homemade version, you will want two disposable aluminum pie pans. The very first thing that you'll do will be to nest each of the pans together, then use a wooden block as well as an awl to punch several holes into and through the edges of your pans. When finished, flip them so that the open sides of the pans are facing one another. Use some yarn to string or sew the plates together, while threading a jingle bell on your yarn between each hole. Knot your yarn, and decorate the tambourine if desired.

Drum From an Oatmeal Canister

Children always appear to love drums. Once you make one of these drums, take a picture of the individual playing it to showcase in a fun picture frame. When you wish a relatively inexpensive drum, take an empty oatmeal canister and punch two holes straight across from one another, an inch from the top. Use a piece of yarn and thread through the holes, knotting it inside. You can even knot the thread through a small spool or pony bead to keep the knot from pulling through the canister. If you make the yarn of sufficient length the drum may be comfortably hung around the neck while playing. Next you will place the lid on top of the container, then decorate in any manner that you want. If you would like to produce some drumsticks, it is possible to do it by gluing two small beads or spools to the ends of two unsharpened wooden pencils.

Create A Humming Comb

One of the classic homemade instruments is the humming comb. All you need is a simple plastic pocket comb, and a piece of waxed or tissue paper. Fold the paper over the teeth edge of the comb. Then, put the comb to the lips and hum. The paper will vibrate, creating a unique musical sound.

Start The Music!

Once you have a collection of instruments made, get everyone together for a band recital. Be sure you take lots of photos, because they are certain to be precisely the kind you want to display in 4x6 picture frames.

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