Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Terrible To Feel Trapped In A Job That You Hate - So Plan Your Escape

If You Hate Your Job, Then You're Doing Time Every Day

There are a huge number of people that really dislike their jobs and when they get up in the morning and head for their workplace, they feel like they're going to be incarcerated for the next several hours, which in a sense they are.

Why Do People Hate Their Jobs?

There are many reasons why people don't like their jobs, the most obvious being that it's a horrible job that nobody would like.

Just imagine getting up very early five days a week, and going to a workplace where you had to work in a very cold room that had no windows, and your only communication came through the headphones that you were wearing.

I know somebody that did that for ten years, and it took me six years to convince them to quit.

Most people are simply doing a job to which they're unsuited, and a great many others feel that their employer is exploiting them, which is a very bad feeling to get up with.

So Why Don't They Quit?

Fear with a capital F is obviously what causes so many people to continue doing jobs that they loathe, and they fear that:

a) They won't find another job.

b) That they might not succeed at the new job that they've been offered, and will get fired.

c) That the new company might fail etc.

Every one of the above reasons is a real cause for concern, but if you start out on your own, then you can't get fired and you won't have to look for a new job if the new company goes under, so the odds will be in your favor.

The First Thing To Do

The very first thing you should figure out is how you'd prefer to make a living, because if you move from one career that you didn't like to another that you don't like, then you'll have more than likely gone backwards.

Everybody, and I mean everybody has at least one talent, and that's what you should be using to generate your income, and if you use it then you'll make more money than doing something that you have no talent for.

If you can't wait to get home from your work place to start enjoying a hobby that you love, then it's a clear sign that that's what you should be doing for a living.

You'll Most Likely Need To Simplify Your Life

When you make a career change, especially late in life, it's likely that you'll earn less for a while, so if you don't have a nest egg then you'll need to lower your outgoings.

If you hate your job and really want to escape from it, then remember that every time you buy something you don't need, and especially if you buy it on credit, that you're strengthening your ties to the job!

So stop buying things that you don't need, and start selling things that you've haven't used for months or perhaps years.

You'll Probably Need To Develop A Cross Marketing Skill

Developing a cross marketable skill is something that will help free you from your present job, and you will gain it in an effortless and most likely pleasant way, by learning more about your hobby or the thing that you've decided to make your next career.

Let's take a look at what we've covered so far:

1) You've decided what you want to do next.

2) You've simplified your life, if you needed to.

3) You have a good understanding of the new career.

So When Should You Quit Your Job?

When you quit will depend mostly on what you've decided to do next, and whether or not you can do it part-time, or need to do it full-time.

Regardless of whether it's part-time or full-time, you'll still need to start investing whatever money you've built up in advertising and buying what you need, and this will obviously be easier if you still have a regular income, but there's a psychological downside however to holding onto your old job, and that's that nothing motivates a person more that needing to do something.

After you quit your old job your motivation to succeed will be sky high and that's a wonderful thing, but when you quit will be a very personal decision and will depend on many factors, but you'll know when the moments right for you.

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