Monday, May 14, 2012

Download Not Easily Broken Full Movie - Available For Free Legally?

This is an engrossing family drama the movie, Not Easily Broken. It has been scheduled for worldwide release in a few days.
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This family film has been directed by director Bill Duke, the same guy behind The Go-Getter (2008) and Yellow (2007). Morris Chestnut plays the role of Dave, the husband, and Taraji P. Henson plays the role of Clarice, the wife. Music has been scored by Kurt Farquhar.

The plot is as follows. Dave and Clarice have been married for more than ten years. Dave heads a small construction firm, and Clarice works in a real estate business. Clarice ignores Dave's needs to become a father and start a family. A car crash injures Clarice seriously. Julie Sawyer, a physical therapist, treats Clarice and comes into contact with Dave. Clarice is now concerned that Dave might get attracted to Julie. Dave and Clarice face a serious question: are we really meant to be together?

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