Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rochester, NY Used Cars - Get Cars For Dirt Cheap!

So you're looking to buy a car in Rochester right? Well before you go out and spend a dime on a used car from a dealership or you start the finance process I want you to read this entire article. See I have been in your shoes and finding a quality car at a good price is not easy. But what I'm about to reveal to you is a secret way to get the lowest price imaginable on any quality or luxury vehicle you can think of guaranteed!

You see it can actually be fairly simple to find a good car in Rochester, you just have to know where to look. I use to use Google and look at classifieds like craigslist but there is a much better and easier way to do your research.

Here's the Secret:

What I found is that there are websites that have a searchable database of thousands of cars that you can pick up for pennies on the dollar. I mean luxury cars as well as minivans and SUV's. These sites keep a record of all the cars that will be sold at government auctions that anyone can attend and purchase from. There are thousands of government seizures all across the country that provide these kinds of auctions with vehicles that are pre-owned but in perfect condition. You can find cars from 0 bucks to ,000 at these secret auctions. And they are not really a secret, people just don't know they exist.

These auction websites will provide everything you need in order to get the best car from the lowest price. There is small fee to get access to the site BUT, they let you search the entire database of cars that are available for free BEFORE you pay anything. You actually get to find the car you want at the price you want first. Then if you're satisfied you pay the fee to access the auction info. The fee is small, usually around bucks but its worth it when you think of how much you're saving. And the best part is these sites come with a refund policy!

If you get access and you are not totally happy with there service you can get a refund on the access fee. Does that sound like a win win situation or what?

Ok, I have rambled on long enough. I want to give you my personal recommendation on which site will give you the best results. This is one that I have had a lot of success with. And here's a hint: If you have extra cash, why not buy a good car and then sell it for a profit. Where do you think a lot of these dealers get there cars from? Here is where you can find that awesome secret site:

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