Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Your Ultimate Guide to Baby Developmental Toys

If you are going to attend a baby shower or have your own baby soon, you should consider buying baby developmental toys. Developmental toys for babies are anything that aids in your baby's development whether it is development of his motor skills, mental skills, and senses. Aside from helping them in their physical and mental development, these toys are also very fun and enjoyable. Your baby can have fun and at the same time learn new things for his development.
It is important not just to buy only one kind of developmental toy for your babies since these toys usually address only a single or a couple of developmental skills. You can buy several types of developmental toys and your baby will not get tired of playing with them. It is not enough to buy baby developmental toys. It is even more important to buy the right ones. Buying the right toys will ensure that your baby's needs are met. To help you choose the right developmental toys for babies, here are some things that you should know.
These toys come in different kinds. There are crib toys like rattle and hanging toys, stacking toys, shape sorters, books for babies, building blocks, and so on. These toys address different skills. For instance, baby books help babies recognize everyday objects such as milk, pants, bicycle, and so on. With your help, these books will help the baby learn how to name objects around him. Stacking toys and shape sorters help develop their problem solving skills and eye and hand coordination. They can play with other babies with these toys which can also help develop their social skills.
You have to know your baby's needs according to his age or skills. For instance, most one-year-olds can already sit by themselves. You can buy building blocks or shape sorters to babies who belong in this age group. For babies who still stay in the crib for long periods of time, you can give them crib mobiles or rattles to develop their sense of sight or hearing. Buying age-appropriate toys will ensure that your baby's needs are addressed. This will also prevent them from feeling bored if you buy toys that are too simple or frustrated if you buy too complicated toys for their age.
Make sure that the toys are safe. If you are going to buy plush or dolls, make sure that there are no small attached parts like eyes or strings like ribbons. Your baby might accidentally swallow the small parts or he might get choked with the ribbons or loose thread. The material used for making the toys should also be safe. Choose something that is hypoallergenic or non-toxic. You do not want your baby to get poisoned or develop rashes after playing with low quality toys.
You have to consider these things when buying baby developmental toys to ensure that your baby will not only enjoy but also help them develop their mental and physical skills. These are great gift ideas for your young ones on their birthday or this coming Christmas.

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