Saturday, April 28, 2012

Before You Order Those Mickey Mouse Checks - 10 Things You May Not Have Known!

If you've ever discussed your favorite cartoons with other fans, then it's likely inevitable that you (or someone you know) has mentioned an American icon known as Mickey Mouse. From an idea born of a pet mouse to all sorts of Mickey Mouse memorabilia (such as Mickey Mouse checks), Mickey has had a permanent place in the hearts and minds of kids and adults for over 80 years!

Are you a fan of Mickey Mouse too? Do you collect Mickey Mouse memorabilia? If so, you should consider ordering a set of Mickey Mouse checks as part of your collection.

Regardless, you've come here to read some facts about Mickey Mouse that you may not have known, right? Here are 10 facts you may not have known about your favorite American mouse:

1) Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney and Ub Lwerks in 1928. Ub Lwerks was an American animator and cartoonist, who had won two Academy Awards for his work.

2) Mickey Mouse's voice was performed by Walt Disney between the years 1928 1946 and 1955 1959. A total of 22 respectable years. Walt Disney was definitely dedicated to his work.

3) Do you know which cartoon Mickey Mouse first appeared in? Was it Steamboat Willie? Actually, that's the first official cartoon. Read on and you'll discover the real truth about Mickey

4) Mickey Mouse was a cheerful fella, at least for most of his 81 years. It was afterwards that the Walt Disney Company decided to focus more on Mickey's mischievous and adventurous sides. Everybody changes with age, right?

5) Do you have any idea how Mickey Mouse (the character) was born? Walt Disney got the inspiration for Mickey from an old pet mouse he used to own on his farm as a kid. Who would've thought something so simple and small could turn into something so big?

6) The name Mortimer Mouse doesn't really ring a bell, does it? Well, that's what Walt Disney first named Mickeybefore his wife intervened (thank goodness).

7) If you thought Mickey's first appearance was in a motion picture called Steamboat Willie, you would be incorrect. Technically, Mickey's first appearance was in a test screening called Plane Crazy, which the audiences didn't seem to take to. The second screening was titled The Gallopin Gaucho, which was never release (unfortunately) due to a lack of distributors. Steamboat Willie was the first cartoon to find a distributor, and was officially recognized as Mickey's big debut.

8) If you've heard of the Mickey Mouse Club, you wouldn't be the only one. The Mickey Mouse Club was initiated in 1930.

9) Because Mickey Mouse had picked up in popularity, Walt Disney contracted with newspapers to debut him in a comic strip in January 1930.

10) And finallyMickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This occurred during his 50th anniversary in November 1978.

So honestly, if you're a Mickey Mouse fan, did you not know some of these items? I was pleasantly surprised after coming across some of these facts.

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